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We often say the walls of the studio hold the creative energy of all the training artists who have worked here over the years. Now, you can come into the studio with us and experience the magic of a group of artists working together to make each other stronger.

Summer Intensive 2019 Final Devising Improvisation

Summer Intensive 2019 Final Devising Improvisation

At the end of the Summer 2019 Intensive, Kari set up a devising project that allowed the training artists to bring together skills from the three-week experience.

We used a stop-and-start method that Kari has developed for devising. This allows artists to freely create, yet keeps the work from getting muddy and clearly points out strengths and weaknesses.

When artists understand the choices they are making, they are able to track the improvisation in a manner that it becomes repeatable. This way an ensemble can build on their creativity, leaving every rehearsal with a clear accomplishment.

The focus was on:
– Using clear devices to establish limitations.
– Knowing if you were leading or supporting the story.
– Feeling dramatic packets, and when the audience needed a change of rhythm or a break.
– Making clear spatial choices that added to the story.

Summer Intensive 2019 Cohort: China Brinkey, Griffin Delisle, Rebecca Jaffe, Lorraine Kanyike, Megan Krause, Christina Morris, Bridgid Mullen, Andrew Patterson, Divya Rajan, Adam Sellers, Kietraille Sutton, Sara Truesdale, and Anna Vendrell